A tale of two sponsors: adventures in pension de-risking

Canadian Pension Risk Strategies Summit

May 5, 2016

Canadian Pension Risk Strategies Summit, Toronto, Ontario

WORKSHOP: A tale of two sponsors: adventures in pension de-risking

Presenters: Heather Wolfe and Mathieu Tessier

Most defined benefit plan sponsors have been on a rollercoaster the past 10 years, as volatile equity markets and decreasing interest rates whipsawed the funded status of their pension plans. Yet for those sponsors that took de-risking action, the story is quite different with many able to maintain or improve their funded status despite the challenging economy. This workshop examined the stories of these two groups of sponsors to show how these separate paths have led to different results, as well as provided innovative ideas that sponsors can use today to start their own de-risking adventure.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building efficient return-seeking portfolios in today's volatile environment

Participant: Brent Simmons

Not having a plan in place for navigating market volatility can significantly impact the long-term performance of a portfolio. So most plans start out on the road to diversification by combining low correlation risky assets in an attempt to maximize return for a given level of risk. But then along comes volatility putting a dent in place. What is the ideal solution? In this session, Brent joined a panel that to discuss strategies to build return seeking portfolios in today’s volatile environment.

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