Canadian Pension Risk Strategies Summit

Canadian Pension Risk Strategies Summit

May 7, 2015

Canadian Pension Risk Strategies Summit, Toronto, Ontario

WORKSHOP: Case study – shining a spotlight on recent pension risk transfer deals

Presenters: Brent Simmons and Heather Wolfe

The 2014 Canadian group annuity market was the largest on record with $2.5 billion of transactions, with a growing demand by Canadian plan sponsors to de-risk their defined benefit pension plans. This workshop examined several recent large pension risk transfer deals to show how the Canadian market is evolving and what innovative solutions are available to help sponsors focus on their core business.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building the portfolio for our end-state solution

Participant: Steve Morris

Many risk management strategies involve steps to systematically reduce risk as financial conditions improve. As these strategies evolve and more de-risking steps are actioned, plan sponsors begin to realize that there is an end-state that they are closing in on. Whether the end-state is hibernation or full exit, the portfolio must evolve to accommodate the desired result. In this session, Steve joined a panel that included Étienne Dubé (Philips, Hager & North) and Derek Dobson (CAAT) to discuss strategies in building portfolios for the ultimate end-state solution.

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